Opportunity Period for House Sales in Istanbul
Date: 19/07/2019

Boom in the Istanbul real estate market started with the rise in the exchange rate and the fall in prices

While the average price of 2 bedroom houses in Istanbul is 400.000TL, the cheapest district is Beylikduzu with 75.000 TL and Besiktas is the most expensive district with 600.000 TL.

foreign investors accelerate the purchase of housing due to rising foreign exchange prices, and domestic investors are encouraged to purchase housing. Due to the decrease in housing stocks in some districts and the increasing construction cost, housing prices may increase by up to %50 next year and those who wish to evaluate the falling prices are directing their savings to buying houses.

According to Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK), the number of house sales to foreigners was 17.363 units in the first 5 months of the year.

Due to the rise in the exchange rates, housing purchases in Turkey is very attractive for foreign investors.

It is expected that at least $ 6.75 billion sales will be made to foreigners in 2019, if a minimum target of 50 thousand is achieved in housing sales to foreigners.

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