TA Group Property; Real Estate Professionals

Tagroup, with the support of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TÜRAP), 
works to create new projects between Turkey and Arab countries. 
It’s specialized in managing many services.                                                            
All Available at

Ø    Türap; Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association ; http://www.turap.org

Ø    Turabexpo; Fair & Conference Services ; http://www.turabexpo.com

Ø    Tagroup Property ; Real Estate-Investment-Construction-Project & Finance Services; http://www.turkeymyproperty.com

Ø    E-Commerce; Virtual Fair Services; http://www.turabfair.com

Ø    Tagroup Health; Medical Tourism Services; http://health.tagroup.com.tr

Ø    Tato; Turkish-Arab Tourism Association; http://www.tato.org.tr                                                  

Ø    Tagroup Magazine ; Turabexpo Magazine

Ø    Tagroup TV; Internet Youtube Channel

We protect our customers and provide a reliable working environment
by Cooperation Groups;

Ø    Legal Consulting Group & Services; http://www.turap.org/turkarap/en/legal-consulting/

Ø    Customs Clerance Group & Services; http://www.turap.org/turkarap/en/customs/

Our main goal is to strengthen commercial bonds and to sustain
the good reputation of business network between Turkey & Arab countries